Which of the 2019 Honda Pilot Features are the Most Appealing for Rhode Island Families?

The third-row crossover is one of the hottest trends in the auto industry today. But no brand has nailed the trend like the 2019 Honda Pilot. That's because the 2019 Honda Pilot is not only engineered to last but designed to keep your family safe and entertained. But which features in 2019 are best suited for your family?

Comfortable and Functional Cabin Space

There is more than enough room for everyone inside the 2019 Honda Pilot. Each passenger can have their own space inside in the three rows of the 2019 Honda Pilot. You can fit eight passengers inside the 2019 Honda Pilot if you choose the 60/40 split second-row bench. Or if you have a smaller crew, let the kids enjoy their own space in the second-row Captain's Chairs. A large second-row center console will allow passengers to have their own cup holder and storage space for their toys, books or tablets. LATCH anchors allow for easy and safe installation of any car seat brand for the newest addition to your family.

Don't worry about keeping the older kids in the third row of the 2019 Honda Pilot. They can easily get in the back, thanks to the one-touch second-row seats. With the push of a button, the second row will fold down and slide up. Once they get in, they can adjust the second-row seats to allow for more legroom. So no one should ever complain about not having any room.

The interior features go well beyond the convenience of the seating. The 2019 Honda Pilot comes with its own available mobile hotspot, courtesy of an AT&T data plan. Everyone can link up their smartphone to the Apple CarPlay or Android Auto integration system so they can each have their own playlists or videos. The rear entertainment package option features a drop-down Blu-Ray/DVD player and remote.

If you have a hard time getting everyone to pay attention to the in-car dinner announcement, Honda's CabinTalk feature is a nice addition. Simply turn on the mic and make your announcement either through the speakers of the 2019 Honda Pilot, or switch to the headphone option to make sure you get their full attention.

Cargo Space Aplenty and Great Fuel Economy

The 2019 Honda Pilot brings you 16 cubic feet of cargo space in the back. That is enough room to fit everyone's suitcase as well as bringing back some souvenirs from your trip. Once you drop down the two back rows, you'll find 84 cubic feet of storage. With an EPA estimated 19 mpg/city and 26 mpg/highway, you'll be able to get to your destination with few worries.

Once you take into account all of the safety features of the 2019 Honda Pilot, you will find it is the ideal SUV for your growing family. No matter where you plan your next family adventure, let the 2019 Honda Pilot take you there.

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