Keep A Close Eye on The Condition of Your Timing Belt

There are many components that function together to make your vehicle's engine work as it should. A breakdown in any of these could result in serious, adverse effects on engine performance and efficiency. One component that is vital to engine function is the timing belt.

The role of the timing belt in engine operation cannot be understated. Your vehicle's crankshaft is responsible for managing the engine pistons, while the camshaft is tasked with the opening and closing of engine valves. The timing connects the two in a synchronized way which enables the engine to function. If the belt should ever snap, then the result could be extensive engine damage and a potential safety hazard if the vehicle is in motion.

A routine check and examination, as well as, timing belt replacement is an important part of engine maintenance. If you would like to have your engine serviced, then bring your vehicle to our service center at Grieco Honda. We'll make sure that your timing belt and other engine components are in good condition.

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