What Is the Real Difference in Leasing and Buying?

One of the differences in leasing and buying is ownership at the end of the financed term. Both options have their rewards, however. With a lease, the payments are usually lower. It is much easier at the end of the lease if you want to purchase the car, because its price may be far lower than before. You have bought the price down, literally.

To purchase, it might take a little longer than the lease if you want to buy the car. But, as a benefit, the car is yours at the end of the term, and you can shop around for a lesser interest rate and payment with a purchase. With a lease, you may get fixed with what the dealer offers you. There are other, more in-depth reasons one option may be better for you than the other. To fully understand these options, stop in and see our dealership at Grieco Honda in Johnston, RI, at your convenience.

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