5 Dashboard Warning Lights and Their Meanings

Your dashboard shows how your vehicle is performing indicating parts that need servicing. As a local Johnston solution for reliable service, our team at Grieco Honda is prepared to guide you through any and all indicator warnings that may arise in your vehicle. Here are typical dashboard lights and what they mean.

  • Low Fuel Indicator - This light alerts you when the fuel level is getting very low. Refueling is urgently needed.
  • Traction Control Light - Indicates that the vehicle system is faulty and operating the vehicle might be hazardous.
  • Bulb Failure Indicator - This light appears when one or more bulbs are defective. Seek the services of a qualified motor electrician.
  • Power Train Malfunction - This will illuminate when the engine management system detects a fault that requires the engine to shut down immediately.
  • Oil Pressure Warning - This light warns you of a low oil pressure in the engine and if it appears in your dashboard instantly switch off the engine to prevent severe damage. Check the oil level to ensure right quantity in the engine.

If any of these lights appear, do not ignore them for they could mean severe malfunctions in your vehicle. Ensure you visit our dealership at Grieco Honda for the best services!

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