Safety Tips Every Parent in Your Child's School Carpool Should Know

Many families in the Providence area are choosing to send their kids to school in a neighborhood carpool, rather than a bus. Carpooling is great, because it means you avoid the bullying and hassle of a school bus, and each parent only has to drive when it's their turn, instead of every day.

There are some dangers of carpooling, however.

1. Not enough seating.

There are six kids in your child's carpool group, and most of the parents drive three-row SUVs, like the Honda Pilot... except for Betty. When it's her turn, she has the smallest child sit on someone's lap.

Not only is this dangerous, it's also illegal in Rhode Island. Make sure any Betties in your carpool get sorted out.

2. No booster seats.

Shoulder belts should fit across the child's chest and shoulder, never over the neck. Many kids need a booster seat to be safe, so be sure all the carpool parents have them.

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